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The Accuphase Oxygen-Free Copper Series cables use a densely braided outer conductor of oxygen-free copper, reliably shielding the two twisted internal conductors also made of highly pure copper. The result is a high-quality cable with negligible transfer losses and excellent resistance to induced noise. The superb performance of these cables ensures that the sonic character of top-quality audio components connected in a system is fully preserved. Listeners are able to enjoy utterly natural, well-balanced sound that gives free expression to the full musical spectrum.
  • Center conductor core wires are a combination of highly pure oxygen-free copper wires and silver-plated soft copper wires, providing excellent transfer characteristics.
  • Center conductors are formed by a combination of two types of highly pure oxygen-free copper wires of different diameter and a silver-plated soft copper wire type with low resistance. The insulation layer consists of polyethylene with high dielectric resistance and foamed polyethylene, resulting in a triple layer configuration, implemented in a dual-core design. Transfer losses as well as DC resistance are minimal.
  • Shielding is provided by 192 ultra-fine 0.1 mm high-purity copper wires braided to a high density, plus a layer of aluminum foil tape. This dual approach results in low capacitance and gives extra protection against any form of externally induced noise.
Model Number Cable Length Plug Type
ALC-10 1.0m (x2) XLR connectors
ALC-15 1.5m (x2) XLR connectors
ALC-30 3.0m (x2) XLR connectors
ALC-50 5.5m (x2) XLR connectors
ALC-75 7.0m (x2) XLR connectors
ALC-100 10.0m (x2) XLR connectors

OFC Series Cable Cross-section View

OFC Series Cable Cross-section View
  1. Center conductors
  2. Dielectric (white)
  3. Dielectric (red)
  4. Interstitial core
  5. Paper taping
  6. Shielded conductor (Braided shield)
  7. Jacket

OFC Series Cable Specifications

  XLR connector
Format Dual-core construction
Insulator Polyethylene + Expanded polyethylene
Exterior insulation material PVC Blue φ8.0
Central conductor Oxygen-free copper wire + Silver plated annealed copper wire
Shielded conductor Oxygen free copper wire × 192
Conductor resistance [m ohm/m]
Capacitance[pF/m] 187.5
 Interelectrode [nH/m] 0.68

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