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Audio cables have to deliver impeccable 100% performance and quality from the device they are connected to without adding any unique character to the sound. We have successfully designed these high-quality audio cables by using carefully selected materials, pursuing an ideal cable structure, and persistent testing. The central conductor in the SR series uses an 8-core multi-hybrid structure while the OFC series utilizes a dual-core structure of stranded oxygen-free copper wires. Both series feature outer shield conductors made from densely braided ultra-fine copper wire to achieve high resistance to induction noise and extremely low transmission loss. Both the SR series and the OFC series with their superb transmission capabilities are finely balanced, strong, flexible audio cables that convey the subtleties of any sound.

SR Series Cable Cross-section View

SR Series Cable Cross-section View

SR Series Cable Specifications

  Phono plug
Configuration 8-core multi-hybrid construction
Insulator Polyethylene
Exterior insulation material PVC Dark brown φ8.7
Central conductor Class 7N high-grade copper wire
+ 3 types of copper wire
Shielded conductor Annealed copper wire × 192
Conductor resistance (mΩ/m) 9
Capacitance (pF/m) 187.5
Inductance (μH/m) 0.51


Model Number Cable Length Plug Type
ASL-10B 1.0m (× 2) RCA-type phono plug
ASL-15B 1.5m (× 2) RCA-type phono plug
ASL-30 3.0m (× 2) RCA-type phono plug
ASL-50B 5.0m (× 2) RCA-type phono plug
ASL-75 7.5m (× 2) RCA-type phono plug
ASL-100 10.0m (× 2) RCA-type phono plug

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