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A box to delight audiophiles, music lovers and film fans in one. The CXR120 will give your movies an unprecedented audio experience with every piece of dialogue, every crash and every bang is delivered with punch, precision and power. This is allied to the benefits of our flagship hi-fi stereo amps for superb music presentation and the built-in award winning StreamMagic streaming module which provides wireless access to your complete digital library, Spotify Connect and internet radio.

We created the CXRs with the same premise as any of our other hi-fi products - with amazing sound at the core of their design. Through class AB amplification the CXR120 delivers extremely low noise and distortion levels and is rated at 120 watts in stereo mode or 60 watts with all seven channels driven. The power supply is via a low flux audiophile-grade toroidal transformer with a substantially extruded heat sink; the result is that the CXR120 delivers smooth seamless sound with incredible precision. You no longer need two separate systems for your music and movies, the 120 will bring power and energy to anything you put through it.

120 watts RMS per channel 
7 HDMI in, 2 out with support for 3D TV / 4K
Oversize low flux toroidal transformer and discrete amplifiers
Network music playback 24-bit/192kHz studio master quality
Spotify Connect
Auto speaker setup and colour OSD for simple installation in any
Twin HDMI outputs for dual displays
Surround back speaker channels can be configured for 7.1 or 5.1 +
Height channels
Free iOS/Android app giving control of network music playback and
power/volume of unit
Support for optional BT100 Bluetooth receiver
One MHL compatible HDMI input for connection to mobile devices
Twin subwoofer outputs for up tp 7.2 speaker system
RS232 control, IR Inputs and Outputs, Trigger outputs, Control4
drivers available
Acoustically damped full metal casework

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