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Upon Koetsu’s founding by Yoshiaki Sugano the current standard for a true high-end phono cartridge was yet to be discovered. A polymath trained in sword making, boxing and calligraphy he next sought to master the subtleties of analog sound.

 Having built a reputation purely on the impeccably natural sound created, Koetsu surpasses the need for advertising or exorbitant marketing. Once you hear one, going back to any other moving coil pickup will be challenging, to say the least. Even the entry-level cartridges from Koetsu will outperform any competition at the price. Many of the pickups contain over 99.9% pure copper for the coil windings, and some models can be fitted with a one-piece diamond stylus tip and cantilever. They will only get more precise, natural and aesthetically beautiful as you ascend the range.

Sugano's quest led him to enlist universities, specialized industries and master craftspeople to create the special parts to go into his masterpieces. One of the first to use 4 nines copper (99.99% pure), curent production uses 6 nines copper (99.9999% pure). Platinum signature models feature silver cladding of the 6 nines copper, a process where a silver sheath is slowly drawn over the copper conductor. 

Ultra-pure iron square plate formers were sourced for their most predictable magnetic characteristics and lowest oxidation. Pre-aged to the perfect consistency, rubber suspension parts are sourced under license with a rubber damper manufacturer. Special magnetic materials, including Alnico have been featured. Today, samarium-coblalt is used with platinum magnets reserved for the flagship models. Japanese craftsmen carve the rosewood bodies, lacquer coat the Urushi bodies, or cut stone for the onyx Platinum. Styli are specially designed and precision ground for Koetsu.

 Providing an exceptionally organic listening experience, a Koetsu will go beyond what you thought possible from a cartridge.

 “The music seems to ‘happen’ between your loudspeakers; voices and instruments materialize before your very ears.”

– Jimmy Hughes, HiFi+

Body Onyx
Type Moving coil
Coil Wiring Silver-plated copper
Magnet platinum
Cantilever boron
Output .3mV
Frequency Range 20 Hz-100kHz
Channel Separation 25db/1kHz
Inner Impedance 5 Ohms
Channel Balance .5dB/1kHz
Recommended Impedance 30 Ohms
Weight 12.5
Compliance 5x10-6cm/dyne at 100Hz

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