Product Details

Product highlights:

  • 3 layers of cork decouple and isolate your records
  • Grips platter and lifts record above it
  • Reduces vibration and acoustic feedback
  • Improves stylus tracking and reduces record wear
  • Cork material absorbs unwanted vibrations and releases energy
  • Non-static and non-adhesive, safe for all platters and records
  • Grips record better than felt, reducing slippage and errors
  • Thin, lightweight, and generally doesn't require VTA adjustment

All About Music Hall Aztec Blue Cork Record Mat

The Aztec Blue cork turntable mat is designed to elevate your vinyl listening experience to new heights. With its unique three-layer cork design, the mat decouples the record from the platter and isolates it from vibrations, reducing noise and providing a non-resonant base for your records to sit on.

The eight isolation platforms lift and separate the record from the platter, while the center cork supports the record label and the outer cork decouples and floats the record above the platter. This innovative design helps to lower record vibration and reduce acoustic feedback, improving stylus tracking and reducing record wear.

Cork is the perfect material for a turntable mat, as it absorbs unwanted vibrations and releases the life and energy of your music. It's naturally non-static and non-adhesive, making it safe to use on all platters and won't harm your records. Additionally, cork grips the record better than felt, reducing record slippage and timing errors.

The Aztec Blue mat is lightweight, thin, and doesn't typically require a VTA adjustment, making it an easy and effective upgrade for any turntable. Experience the difference in sound quality for yourself - add the Aztec Blue cork turntable mat to your setup today!

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