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The My Sonic Lab SH-1RH headshell was developed with an emphasis on sound quality. This high-grade design is made using hard anodized aluminum alloy (A6063S) with excellent strength to support any cartridge you choose and keep unwanted resonances at bay. Moreover, the mounting holes are fixed positions with 3-points placed at +/- 3 mm intervals from the center. This design pattern completely holds the cartridge in place and makes cartridge mounting and overhang alignment extremely simple. The headshell connector is a highly reliable design that introduces a twin key lock system that completely locks the headshell into your tonearm. In addition, expensive bright rhodium plating treatment containing trace amounts of platium ore and gold ore is used for its excellent sound quality and reliability for each part of the terminal pin and terminal connector.

Each package includes one SH-1RH headshell and cartridge mounting hardware.

Headshell weight 14 g.

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