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For almost twenty years Spendor manufactured the legendary LS3/5a BBC mini-monitor; a loudspeaker which became an international reference standard. The S3/5R2 proudly continued this tradition with the most significant and extensive revision of the 3/5 ever, and the A1 is the current implementation of this model.

The original Spendor S3/5 was launched in 1997. It gained worldwide recognition as the natural successor to the LS3/5a. Ten years later a new S3/5R achieved what many thought impossible - new levels of transparency and imaging coherency, more articulate bass delivery and the enjoyable fatigue free listening experience which so clearly distinguished the original Spendor S3/5 from other small loudspeakers.

The S3/5R2, and now A1, takes a big step forward with significant improvements in low frequency articulation, dynamics, transparency and sound integration.

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