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Audio is a powerful component of the cinematic experience; it envelopes you in the action, tugs at your emotions, and brings an unparalleled level of enjoyment to the presentation. The SUPERTWEETER-GO brings that level of performance to your home environment in a luxurious high end oiled American walnut plinth with gold anodised tweeter housing and trim that is as pleasing to the eye – as it is to the ear. SUPERTWEETER-GO elevates your audio content to the levels envisioned by the original mastering engineer – all of which needs to be experienced in all its unabridged beauty, detail, and nuance. A truly great loudspeaker design enables the speaker system to remove itself from the soundscape, and presents the sonic experience in a manner that transports you to a higher plane. Innovation and outstanding performance – that is the SUPERTWEETER-GO.


  • Extended frequency response tweeter for Tannoy PRESTIGE GR range and other legacy speaker models to enhance reproduction of wide band digital audio formats
  • 25 mm SuperTweeter with magnesium alloy dome and neodymium magnet system extends response to 61 kHz to complement performance of wideband digital formats and increase resolution and detail
  • Very wide system audio bandwidth minimises phase error artefacts to preserve coherence and detail of sound image
  • Low loss crossovers featuring ICW ClarityCap* capacitors, air cored inductors and close tolerance non-inductive thick film resistors deliver a more natural and transparent sound
  • Sensitivity and crossover point adjustable by gold plated brass setting screws to match any Tannoy model
  • Tweeter pod angle adjustment to compensate for differing cabinet heights
  • Easy setup for different loudspeaker models with included calibrated location gauge
  • Gold plated brass binding posts improve signal transmission and integrity
  • Oxygen free copper with high purity silver plating aids resolution of fine detail
  • Earth binding post provides grounding to reduce radio interference and improve clarity
  • Hand crafted American Walnut plinth with gold anodised tweeter housing and trims to match PRESTIGE GR finish and provide a unique and timeless appearance
  • Tannoy - 90 years of British sound heritage and innovation
  • 10-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in United Kingdom



Sensitivity: 95 dB

Nominal impedance (ohm): 8

Frequency response (-6 dB): 62 kHz, usable output to 100 kHz

Power handling: up to 350 W RMS

Dimensions (H x W x D): 5.1” x 5.8” x 8.1”

Weight: 308.6 lb 

Finish: Oiled Walnut/ Gold Trim 


Single speaker price. Must be purchased in pairs.


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