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The Artus FMD is Transrotor’s flagship turntable. Features a combination of Polished Aluminum- Black Acrylic chassis, an 80mm Acrylic platter, Cadanic suspension that allows the turntable to move freely for leveling, Rotor Ring, FMD (Free Magnetic Drive) bearing and the option to equip up to two 9 -inch or 12-inch tone arm board.

Transrotor FMD bearing works by magnetically coupling the motors and the magnetic drive platter assembly. As the magnetic drive platter assembly is driven by magnetic field, any distortion from belts, pullies and motors are eliminated.

The FMD achieves a very smooth and very accurate speed. The arm board can be ordered to accommodate your choice of tone arm mounting specification.

Standard package includes the Konstant FMD power supply, FMD bearing and record weight (chrome 370 gram).

The Transrotor Artus is one of the best turntables available.

Supports 2 tonearms.

Standard equipment / features:

  • Cardanic suspension, the turntable can move freely in any direction
  • FMD bearing, platter is driven via a magnetic field
  • 3 Motors
  • Acrylic black, Aluminium massiv, hand polished
  • Konstant FMD
  • Platter weight Chrome (370 gram)
  • Quintessence switch (pilot switch)

Size and weight

55 cm W X 55 cm D X 120 cm H, 220 kg

Upgrade and accessories:

  • Additional Tonearm Arm Board 9 OR 12 INCHES
  • Rack Stand for Turntable

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