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ZET3 comes in 2 colors: Black or Glossy White. Features a heavy Acrylic-Aluminum-Acrylic (Sandwich) polished chassis, a 70mm Aluminum platter (12kg), standard or TMD bearing and the option to equip up to 2 Aluminum tonearm base for two 9-inch or 12-inch tone arm configuration. The motor can be coupled to the Chassis for a single tone arm configuration. For a second tone arm, the motor will have to be outboard to accommodate the second arm. The arm board can be ordered to accommodate your choice of tone arm mounting specification.

Standard package includes the Konstant Studio power supply, standard bearing, single motor and record weight (aluminum 370 gram).

  • ZET 3 can be configured for 2 tone arms. For a 2- tone arm configuration, the motor must be decoupled from the chassis to accommodate the 2nd tone arm, in which case a motor stand will be required.
  • ZET 3 can be configured with an external motor (motor stand will be required) as an option. The decoupling of the motor is mandatory if a second tonearm is to be added. For better speed and torque control, a second external motor can be added.
  • ZET 3 power supply can be upgraded to the Konstant M1 Reference (1 motor), Konstant M2 Reference (1 or 2 motors) or the Konstant FMD (1 – 3 motors)
  • ZET 3 standard bearing can be upgraded to the Transrotor Magnetic Drive (TMD) bearing with hydraulic platter support.
  • A purpose designed Turntable Rack and Base can be added to increase performance.


Standard package/features:

  • Chassis Acrylic, Aluminium, Acrylic (Sandwich), polished
  • Platter Aluminium 70 mm, ca. 12 kg, with black platter mat
  • Rega RB 330 Tonearm (Optional)
  • Record Clamp Aluminum (370 Gram)
  • Standard Bearing
  • One Motor
  • Konstant Studio Power Supply

Size and weight

45cm W x 40 cm D x 23cm H 34 kg

Upgrade and accessories:

  • TMD Bearing
  • Dust Cover Dust Cover for ZET 3
  • Record Cleaning Brush with stand
  • Tonearm Armboard Base 9”
  • Tonearm Armboard Base 12”
  • Motor Stand For placing the motor on the side
  • Extra Motor
  • Belt “Long” For two motors for Zet 3 without TMD Bearing
  • Belt “Short” For two motors for Zet 3 with TMD Bearing
  • Konstant M1 Reference Power Supply for One Motor
  • Konstant M2 Reference Power Supply for Two Motors
  • Konstant FMD Power Supply for 1 to 3 Motors
  • Rack Stand for Turntable Black Acrylic / Aluminum
  • Turntable Base for using rack with TMD or two motors

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